vendredi 8 juillet 2011


Le site de DRACULA 3D est disponible en ligne:

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Lu sur le forum du site filmscoremonthly un commentaire du monteur du film, Marshall Harvey (à prendre au conditionnel) :

"I am indeed in Northern Italy near the town of Ivrea shooting Dracula 3D.
Claudio Simonetti is definitely the composer. We have already started sending him
some edited scenes.

Look for German actor Thomas Krutschmann (King Kong, The Pianist) to be a handsome
but very menacing vampire. But the real break through star will be the beautiful
Spanish actress Marta Gastini as Mina. The 3D is looking very good. Dario is
really using it for maximum effect without getting too 'gimmicky'. Luciano Tovoli
(Susperia, The Passenger, Reversal of Fortune) is shooting. Krutschmann has
called it 'splatter Visconti'. They are going for a real classic look.

The behind the scenes footage you saw on the website is awful IMO and should
be taken down. It is all from the first week of production and is very badly put
together. I'm hoping they will replace it soon with much better footage.

The thousand year old castle we have started shooting in this week is kick ass perfect.
On the first night shoot there was a huge storm at 3am. As we left, driving down the
very narrow, windy cobblestone path in the pouring rain, I looked back up at the
castle. It was backlit by the constant lightening. It looked EXACTLY like an old
Corman Poe picture!