mardi 1 septembre 2009

Interview de Sean Keller,co-scénariste de GIALLO

Le scénariste des prochains films Carpenter ( L.A. GOTHIC,THE WARD) et Kitamura parle de sa carrière et notamment de GIALLO:

"We had some comedic scenes written in, an actually there is a fair bit of comedy in Giallo. And we wrote it to be funny, and we were hoping it would work and really kind of nervous about the translation. And apparently people are laughing their asses off and now they are saying it's unintentional laughs… and I know those are pretty fucking intentional laughs! I mean, we wrote kind of a preposterous back story, because one of the great things about giallo cinema, is that they tend to be a bit ludicrous. And so we really wanted to be true to that instead of the story that was just kind of off-the-wall. And apparently when that part plays, people laugh. And a lot of detractors are saying, "oh it's unintentionally funny," and that such a crime. People are fucking laughing at our film. It makes me very happy!
The people who are laughing their asses off aren't thinking about work. They aren't thinking about the fact that they don't have their rent, or anything else. They are having a good time at the cinema, and that's the best compliment we can have."

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steerpike a dit…

Merci pour le lien, Guillaume. Je me demandais justement ce que les auteurs du film avaient à dire sur cet aspect semi-parodique.

Ce serait intéressant de savoir ce que Dario pense de tout ça, mais comme il semble avoir définitivement pris ses distances avec le métrage...